Sunday, January 8, 2012

Whispers through Unexpected Places

Lately, My eyes have been closed and my ears shut even tighter. 
I have been looking for God in only the places I Think a God should be. Today, My eyes were opened to what God has been trying to tell me the past few weeks.

Where God's glorious spirit moves--it manifests...and where it manifests--it can begin to STIR. He has been moving me to places I didn't think I would go. & HE has been telling me the same thing over and over and over.   

Austin Told me today "Think of how when Cheese sits--and it gets hard on top... It has to be STIRRED it in order for it to be order to soften it up."

Well God, STIR ME... Here I am to be Softened. My heart has been hardened... I need Jesus to Cheese me Up! Get me in a form that I am useable for his glory. To be Spread, Molded (Yup, I said Molded), and to be ever flowing of YOUR remarkable Creativity. 

"My Sheep hear my Voice, and I know them...And they follow me." John 10:27 

Today at Church was the 2nd Time I have heard that specific Word of God... Heard that Whisper of him.. Felt that Stir in my Spirit. I wasn't sure what he was telling me.... and it all made sense when the Pastor began to talk about Elijah... and how Elijah went up to a mountain to hear the "Voice" of God... To see him "GOD Pass By." There was a hurricane wind, an earthquake, and a Fire... and God wasn't in any of those... but he came in a Gentle Whisper. 

God is Whispering to Me.... and I thought  Hey cool, I can be like Elijah, or a great prophet.. I can be like Moses, or Joshua, or Habbakkuk. I can't wait for God to reveal to me which Character I am "Suppose to be like."   But God has told me something that I have Hardened my heart to...that I hadn't been allowing myself to receive. 

He doesn't want to Just Whisper to me... He wants to Whisper THROUGH me. I am NOT a CHARACTER of the bible.. But rather... I am the Burning Bush...  He has been trying to use me.... in a Way that would Edify the Body... That would be for His glory.. and Nothing from me... Nothing that I do.. Can bring Glory unless I am USED for God's Whispers.    

IT all makes sense. That sometimes... We have to let go of the things we think we are... and let God use us for the purpose he has made us.  To allow ourselves to be opened to the creative ways of God's Word and simply Follow the instructions he has given us. 

God's Word is far from Powerless... He is STILL capable of creation...and when we BELIEVE and Have FAITH in him... He STILL creates.. 

We can't just sit back and analyze the impossibilities, but rather we must take a step in obedience and allow the possibility of Miracles.  

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