Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I have been  praying about everything lately--direction, decisions, and His Hand to Guide me.

This is what he told me today:

"...the seventh time... he said, " There is a cloud as small as a mans hand,rising out of the sea! Go down before the Rain STOPS you. 1 Kings 18:44

Elijah's servant went out 7 times and saw nothing promising. But we have already reaped the first fruits of our prayer (Paxton--being an obvious one)... and sometimes we look for that return of that miracle revival. one that's just right in our faces.... like BAM this is what I want from you... But Miracle revival is COMING. The sign of it, the first drops of golden rain HAVE appeared. If you have looked for the answer, 7 times, and haven't seen anything promising--big, and with a sign saying HERE IS THE WAY-- then look again..because just like Elijah's servant... a Cloud as Small as a Mans hand probably didn't impress him after seeing all the WONDERS that God had Already performed....but it did excite Elijah because he knew what this Rain represented.. The Golden Rain we experience is OFTEN in TINY droplets... but what it represents to Elijah and to us.. is that.... ready for it...


So, look for that Hand.. it can be as small as a Mans in a HUGE SEA... and when you find it.. know that his Small answers are going to lead you the SAME place as the BIG IN YOUR FACE ones. :))
So Here I am, and I will look for that sign... the one that might not be as impressive as I "think it should be"... but the one that He thinks it should be.

I will keep praying.

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