Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Creative vs The Logical

In the Beginning... the earth was formless...and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface... God said, "Let there be light..." Genesis 1:1-3

When God hovers over a place or a person--Creative miracles can take place. There was nothing in the beginning. No one to reason with--the Earth didn't argue with what God was doing to it... and it turned out perfect and Beautiful. HE created it... with his own two hands and then HE breathed life into the world..

The smallest things were put exactly where he wanted them to be. They didn't make any logical accusation of like "GOD, I am a plant... why did you put me in the soil.. don't you think I should be on a rock..overlooking a beautiful ocean.. God  I am a Plant... But don't I get more?"

No! God put the plants, and the rocks, and the oceans all in the RIGHT place.. They are PERFECT where they are. They were succeptible to his spontaneous creativeness. They are little creative miracles.

When God tries to do miracles in our life... We inevitably argue..We say God...That's not what I am suppose to be doing. That's not where I am suppose to be. And LOGIC and PLANNING become more important then God's work in us. How are we letting God use his Creativity to Do Miracles?? When we aren't listening to his voice--then we aren't allowing his PERFECT judgement to guide us.

YES--God asks us to be spontaneous. SPONTANEOUS for HIM. Listening to his voice will not take you where his GRACE cannot protect you. That's the Hardest thing to believe.. we want to reason with him..

But We are just PEOPLE. We are just like the plants, like the rocks, like the streams, like the ocean, like the animals... Except, God being so loving made us in HIS image and BREATHED life into us.  He gave us the ability to make decisions..the ability to have free will... but in doing so...

We have continually wanted to be like him. Just like him, which led to our downfall...and continues leading to our downfall. We TEST him. We say WE know better...

Joshua 1-6 Is a story that demonstrates exactly what happens when we decide to let GOD be creative in our lives. God told his people to March around the City of Jericho. They probably felt ridiculous...and I can just imagine what the people of Jericho were saying... I bet they were lauging at them like wow... you guys have GOT to be kidding me.. WHAT do you think your doing...your all a bunch of nut jobs. But they kept on marching.. Feeling ABSOLUTELY foolish....

Who would have thought that seven days later the walls would come tumbling down?? That even though they felt like fools and they didn't want to march around looking like idiots... God KNEW that the walls would come down..and their Obedience would not be unjust. It would pay off.

So if we just listen and obey God--even if we think that he is asking something that is out of our comfort zone or even if we think it's just straight FOOLISH.... HE won't let us down. When we argue and do our own thing we limit God's creative miracles to take place.

Don't let your "reasoning" talk you out of listening to God's voice. Obedience to what God is saying will  bring us the dramatic and creative miracles we are craving to revive us.


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