Thursday, March 19, 2015

Send it back

It's been a little while since I have sat down to write. In fact, I feel like I have lost touch with what it is exactly I'm even supposed to share anymore.  

In all honesty I've been keeping myself busy with business, trying to keep myself from getting stagnant. I'm afraid that I've kept myself out of my Word and my focus has been on all the wrong things. Until yesterday. 

Isn't it funny how God can use the seemingly "small details" of life to get your attention back? 

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, I was desperate for a coffee. I just could not.wake.up!!!  It's been three days since I had a coffee as I've been trying to shake the 'Addiction'.  But I just needed it. I needed it bad. 

So, I asked austin to take me to starbucks (where he currently works) and to get me an iced coffee with caramel in it! Yummy!  I mean, if I was going to break my no coffee fast, I needed it to be well worth it. 

We go through the drive through and the lady hands us our order.  But... It wasn't right. It was bitter, milkless, and had some sort of funky flavor. I've never in my life had an iced coffee that tasted the way this coffee did. 

Not only was it the wrong coffee, but it was the wrong size. So austin asked the lady if she wouldn't mind making it the right size, thinking she would realize her mistake in making the wrong drink as well. Instead, she politely handed us two of the same drink. One large, one small. And said to keep them both. 

Austin drove away and we parked. I felt so bad! As much as I wanted to just be thankful for these coffees (1 free), my heart was anything but. I was CRAVING a good starbucks coffee and I always go for the consistency! They never fail me. 

I looked at austin and said, "can you please just go in there and tell her that this is the wrong drink?" 

He looked back at me, agreed with me that they were terrible, but disagreed that he should go ask for another one. 

While I understand why he didn't want to, I felt that the girl should know that the drink she made wasn't correct and that we appreciated the ones she gave us and just to politely correct our order. Heck, even throw in a five $ tip 👍! she was super nice and I knew she wouldn't mind. 

Austin refused to go in and said "let's just drink these." Soooo we drove off... Had to unfortunately dump the coffees (trust me, they were terrible) And I eventually got my coffee fix from mcd's, of all places. :/ 

While this seems ridiculous, so many of us will go to restaurants, diners, and coffee shops, make an order, and if it's wrong, we just say thank you and suck it up. 

While this may seem humble, it's truly not. No one wins in this situation. Sure, if it's something as easy as "scraping the ketchup or onions" off a burger, great! No biggie, but if it's entirely wrong? 

Now, don't get me WRONG, it's not about being PETTY. In fact, it's completely opposite. 

I believe that if we can't be courageous enough to ask for the small things that we don't think we deserve, we won't courageously come to Gods throne and ask for the big stuff...

See, It was never about the wrong drink, it's about being courageous enough to ask for the right one without losing the greatfulness behind the wrong one.
Always be thankful... and full of gratitude for what he has already given us, while asking fearlessly for what your heart desires..

If we can do it in the small things, we can do it in the big things. It takes bravery. And it takes remembering that:

 It has nothing to do with what we deserve but everything to do with what we are worth. 

And God thinks we are worth it. 

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