Friday, March 27, 2015

Not Good Enough

What makes us individuals? What truly makes us unique? 

The small things. Yeah, the small things. 

It amazes me how something can so quickly attach itself to our minds at just a glance. 

In highschool--and even in Junior high--I remember my friends and I writing notes back and forth to each other. When I would get a note that had great handwriting, I would try to mimic it. I got pretty good at taking other peoples handwriting and making it my own. 

I changed my writing style probably about a hundred times, trying to figure out which one I was meant to write like. But I could never do it as good at the original and I certainly couldn't take notes fast like the ones who truly owned the ability to write like themselves. 

It seems silly now, and every time I write, I think about it. I think about all the different people and the places I first saw their handwriting. 

That's just what people do. We watch other people. We are influenced by the way they dress, to the way they wear their hair, the way someone laughs, to the way they treat other people... down to even the little things.... like the way they write.

But, just like in handwriting, we are not them. We can never be them. We can never be as good as them at who they are. If we try, we may imitate it for a while, but then we will... get burnt out.

Why do we try so hard? Is it because we see all the compliments people get? Is it because we want to impress? And if we get that compliment that we have been working so hard for after copying someone else, is it truly worth it? 

Today, when I sat down to write a note to myself... I realized how important it is to just be CONFIDENT in who you are as a person. We can be so critical of ourselves.  My handwriting that I have now, I love it. It's me. It's funny how even your handwriting can change after you meet Jesus. 

So, here is my challenge for you:

I encourage you today to just sit down and write... write on paper. write with your favorite pen. Let your writing be an EXPRESSION of who you are.... Don't think about other people or their styles. Just let it flow from your hand gracefully. Because You will find that your handwriting is a gift... MEANT to be only YOURS. Realize that it's you who influences others, that YOU will help them to find who THEY are. 

Handwriting is more than just words on paper, it's your soul in ink. 

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