Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Tale of Sister Wives (from memory)

I remember when I could barely tie my shoelaces. I remember when I used to eat off of a God-made Tv tray. I remember when I whispered to myself in hopes another would hear. I remember when I looked down and saw a pregnant belly. I remember being Pax's birth mom. 

Then, I remember a friendship. I remember sitting in a deli across from a smiling red head. I remember the laughter. I remember lap tops, phones, and journals open. I remember hearts being poured out and shared. I remember Pax's mom. 

I remember a facebook message. I remember the excitement when I met an enthusiastic blonde at Cheddars. I remember trying to eat lettuce and talk at the same time. I remember the tears in her eyes. I remember the concern. I remember the 'rutabega' baby that she had in her tummy. I remember Thatchers Birtmom. 

Now.. We share messages. Texts. Phone calls. Heart aches. Concerns. Laughter. Funny pictures. Mile stones. Tattoos (soon). But Most of all, we share hearts. 

There are no other women I would consider doing life with the way that I do with these two. We are a moden family....and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being able to share in this wonderful world of "motherhood." 

Because more than gaining two wonderful friends, I gained two beautiful family members... two beautiful sisters.

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