Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wrecked: A raw preview from VICTORIOUS

Get messy. I'm saying get very messy. Don't be afraid of a little dirt. Don't be afraid to really dive in. Don't be afraid to get "uncomfortable."

 I know a woman who got very messy. In fact, I know a woman who got very, very messy. She jumped in, deep, with both feet.

 Her friend came to her with pleading prayers for her daughter. She told this woman that her daughter was doing meth while she was pregnant. 

Stop for a minute. Hold up. Yeah, this is where most of us would say, "I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for you and your daughter." The mother would continue to grieve for her daughter, and her daughter would continue spiraling until God would choose someone to intervene. But what happens if the person He has chosen, is you?

 Continue, and we find that the story is being written. She didn’t just say, “I’ll pray…” Instead, she got involved. She asked if she could get the daughters number, invite her to lunch, and she formed a relationship. After that lunch date, she knew she was meant to do so much more. When she heard that the young woman was at a drug dealers home, she instantly sprang into action. 

After she got there, the daughter came out of the house still high from the night before and she placed her head on the side of the car window. She told the girl to get in the car that she was going to take her to her house. The girl screamed and threw a fit, but she got in the car anyway. Together, they drove away while she comforted the daughter who was inevitably wrecked. 

Fast forward 3 years, a toddler with a smile lights up the room. I now have the pleasure of knowing a courageous 3 year old. I was that little girl. I was that daughter. I was the one with the wrecked life and because someone wasn’t afraid to get messy… wasn’t afraid to get in my ‘personal space’…I can now say that I have been clean from drugs and there is a handsome little man in my life. 

Why are we so afraid to get yelled at? Why are we so afraid to get rejected? Why are we so afraid to get involved when we know someone is struggling? Do we believe the lie that we can’t do anything about it, or do we answer the call that God placed on our hearts? We weren’t created to be brooms. We weren’t created to just sweep things under the rug. Nope. We were created to be light. We aren’t afraid of darkness; we overcome it.

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