Sunday, January 5, 2014

Moving to KC-Part 3

The night after Family Fest, I had a dream. I dreamt about going to a hospital and meeting a mom and little boy. The little boy was named Caleb. The mom and I began talking. Caleb was adopted. The mom then began talking about things she believed to be true... Yet it was skewed. She was open to listening about what I had to say. She was open to the truths of Jesus Christ.  Just like after every dream, I woke up. 

I told Austin about it that morning and we contemplated if it meant anything. I couldn't shake it. We took it to God to give us the interpretation. What he told us, blew my mind. 

"Look up Caleb in the bible. Tell me who he was."  (Obviously, God wants us to participate. ;) ) 

In a nut shell,  Caleb was one of the 12 spies sent by Moses to check out the land of Cannan.  When they returned, Caleb and Joshua gave a good report--knowing that God already had the victory. The other men were afraid and doubted. 
{Numbers 13}

The mother was only something God could tell us. He said that she represented the people of KC. That many know of a truth... But that they do not know of who JESUS really is. She was in a hospital to figure out what was wrong with her... And It was there that she heard the good news of Jesus. That was our purpose. To bring the good news of Jesus to keep people out of Hospitals and bring them back to life.. To mend the broken. 

After the dream had been interpreted to us by the Holy Spirit, Austin and I decided to be like Caleb and "spy" out KC before moving. I knew of a dear friend who had just moved to KC and she invited us to stay in her home for a weekend. 

The night before we left to come to KC, we went out to eat with my family. I had to leave dinner early to run to work, so Austin got the check at the end. Unfortunately, the lady accidentally charged us for the entire table of 12 ppl. She had already run our card, the damage was done. It charged us for every cent in our bank account. 

Austin called me at work to give me the bad news. It was upsetting and we were both glad I wasn't at the restaurant when it happened or I could have told the lady a few things (UnChristlike Things) that were on my mind. I am currently thanking God still, that my anger was contained.(For her sake, and my families). I then knew that I knew, that I knew, we had to still go to KC the next morning, with half a tank of Gas and no money. 

The mixup could have stopped us or propelled us. For God tests the righteous. We decided it was exactly that, a test... A test to see if the hardship would get the better of us... If it would scare us away from following through with what God planned for us. 

I prayed that night that God take care of us... That We knew this is where He wanted us and we were going to follow him because we knew his super natural powers. He is CAPABLE even when things make no sense. 

So that next morning we packed up and got in the car to leave. I called the bank early to see if they could do anything since they cancelled the charge. We are so blessed. They released the funds right in time for our trip! 

We drove 3 relaxing hours to KC, Mo. Not worried about a thing. Shannon was more than generous. She allowed us to stay in her room and she provided us with meals... All three days. She is a fantastic cook! We were so blessed!!!! 
Church came early for us on Sunday morning as it took us an hour to drive there. (& we weren't late, praise Jesus).

On our drive, we both heard God say... The answers you are looking for are going to come at Church. Not sure which answers, but we knew the answer was Church... Our fellow Christian brothers and Sisters.  

We were greeted by at least 5 ppl before being seated. The worship played and we felt at home. Three songs in, they began playing a song that said "Breaking Chains" in the chorus. Aw! Again. Thank you JESUS for confirming our church home. 

After the message, Pastor Todd Blansit came over to us and personally introduced himself. I felt compelled to give him a love connection book and Austin told him about his music. Pastor Todd then told us about how he wanted to use our talents! Is this real life? Someone pinch me. 

Before leaving the Church, Austin needed to use the restroom, so I stood by the information desk when a "stranger" came up to it. 
"hey, I know you, you were in my life group at DC." I said to her. "Remind me your name."

 "I'm Nadine. I'm also Traci's mom." She replied. 

She had come back in to get her cookie tin that she had left behind accidentally. Then Todd (her husband) came over and she introduced him. Austin came back and I introduced him to them. We then all went into the new comers area where they gave us cookies and introduced us to a couple people. 

Todd and Nadine then asked us.. "What are your plans here." We began to briefly explain we just felt called there. We weren't sure what we wanted to do or why... But we knew we were supposed to come." 

They both got tears in their eyes as they looked at each other and then back at us. They said "We were just talking about it this morning, but we don't know why God has really called us here either. But we know we have a purpose. I think one of our purposes is to help you two. We have plenty of room in our home. We would like to be a blessing if you two want to stay with us." 

Austin and I were blown away... Not only had God provided a church home, and a studio, but he was now providing us a real home... With a generous family... 

We planned to get together that Monday before Austin and I left for home to talk details. When we came to their house, scripture filled their walls.

On their tv stand a very familiar scripture stopped me in my tracks. Tears came to my eyes as I read the words "For I know the plans I have for you,"declares The Lord. "Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." 

All this came full circle and I could hear The Lord whisper, "welcome to your new home." 

We told a few close friends 

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