Saturday, November 29, 2014

I never knew you.

I never knew you. But I hear about you.
I hear stories that are so beautiful.
Stories that are heart gripping.
Stories that are inspiring.
My mom knows one of your fathers. 
He speaks of You lovingly and rawly... 
So proud. 
Proud of how you have touched so many lives around you.  
My mom listens closely. 
Loving how passionate and how deep a father loves a young man. 
And even though you are gone.
Your memories go deeper than your families.
The thoughts of you still reach out. 
Still changes lives.
And isn't that... What we all are living for? 

I never knew you. But I hear stories. 
Stories that will change my life as I live it more intently. 
I never knew you. But... people will change how they use their time all
because of the time you were never given to use. 

This is in honor of you. 

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