Sunday, October 19, 2014


When there is a tragedy, there is aftermath. Once the dust has settled, things are never the same. 

While Romans 8:28 has been my POWER verse this last week, last night I was having a hard time accepting the AfterMath. 

This car accident is a blessing. No doubt.  But I struggle having Austin wait on me hand and foot, I struggle taking medicine daily, I struggle knowing that this could be a lifelong pain in my lower back. It's hard... It's even harder when my heart feels heavy. 

I know these emotions are going to come and go. There's days I feel on top of the mountain and days I feel like I've been left in the deepest valley. The worst part is... Feeling like I'm dragging people down with me...people that rely on me. So I push myself. I don't have TIME to let go of life. I don't have TIME to just heal. 

But JESUS..... 

Yes... He reminds me... 

Yesterday, I got a free consult from an attorney. The attorney said he wanted to make sure we didn't get the bare minimum, because the bare minimum will  not cover future medical, and future lost wages. He said "I will get all the medical records, I will talk on behalf for you, I will do all I can and then at the end of it, help you walk away with EXACTLY what you need." 

I've never had to have my own attorney, fighting a battle that I hardly understand, yet he does. It's put a new spin on when people say JESUS is like our attorney. 

He doesn't only go to bat for us-for free- but he also understands why he has to defend us... Even when we don't. There's darkness and principalities that we fight, that we don't see. Jesus takes the enemy for all he has... Because what he had ... Was our soul. 

Jesus gets it. He does all the hard work. All we are asked to do, is trust him. And He will fight for us. Rely on him, and he will provide exactly what we need. 

Don't worry about tomorrow, even if it seems like it will never come. Let Jesus fight on your behalf... and look at your day with Eternity in mind. 

If you have Jesus, you have forever. 

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