Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jailing Jesus

There is one thing, as Christians... thats easy to fall into..

It's something we all struggle with from time to time... We wonder why people make the decisions they make and we turn straight to the Word of God... And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with Looking to the Bible for Answers-- in Fact it's important that we do-- but it's when we look there and only there and we don't open up our hearts to what God is telling us.

We have an idol in our lives and it's The Bible.

Now, I am not saying The Bible is bad. No way! No how! I think it's important to read and get to understand God for who he is and the characteristics he possess. While the stories are deep and ever changing and the life lessons are numerous and outstanding... We cannot think that The Bible is the only way God talks to us!

If the Bible is the only way God talks to us, that's saying WE have the power, he doesn't. That's saying, we are inControl, he's not. Why? Because if he only speaks to us in the Bible, then that's saying if we aren't reading it we can MUTE God.

How many know that this concept simply isn't true! God doesn't stop talking when we stop reading-- while it's important to read the bible to know the many voices-- we can't limit God.

We learn in the Bible to discern the voice of God from Satan. But if Satan can speak without the Bible and so Can God, we just need to read to know his voice-- not so we can "force" God to tell us things, but so we can open up our minds to the things he wants to say... Softly.

As we get deeper into our faith we start to feel like we fail when we forget to read the Word... And it stinks... But it can't be a ritual. We must get to Know God so we can let him work in and through us...

We cannot book God into the Bible and contain him in the pages! He is BIGGER. We cannot keep him captive. We must set him free so we too may have freedom!!

When is the last time you had a question about moving somewhere or if you should buy something or if you should give something or if you should take a job or turn down a job or have children ?

I am going to Guess God didn't say in the pages of the Bible "Move to Hawaii, or Have 15 babies, or Take that Job." No, he answered you specifically in prayer... But also because you know the word and can hear his voice...

This might be confusing-- and I hope it came out the way I intended-- for this is the message I am trying to reveal:

Don't make the bible more important than the God who wrote it.

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