Friday, February 18, 2011

The Enemy... God prevails.

You know what the enemy is telling me today.
He is telling me that it's not fair that I had to give my baby away... that there are so many other unfit parents who have babies who should have given them away so I could raise my own... so the ones less fortunate would have a home and that THOSE babies are the ones that are suppose to be adopted.. not my baby.... 

& I say to him...
Those parents are selfish. They don't want what's best for their child. They don't want their children to be happy in a new home. They will abuse their children and keep having more and never give them to a wonderful home like yours. My child deserves the best and that's what I see for him. So enemy... take your worries and your unfairness with you.. because my baby has an amazing life ahead of him.. and those other poor souls... well.. I wish the best for them and I wish their parents wouldn't be selfish.. but they have freewill. I pray that one day those children find God.. because he will take care of them. 

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